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Necklace and Chain Size Guide

Choose the Right Length Chain For a Women

The first thing to consider when you are choosing the chain for her is where she will be wearing the necklace, the clothing that will be worn with it and her neck size. Some women may wear different lengths for different occasions and seasons. A choker style may look wonderful with a cocktail dress but may not fit over a turtleneck sweater. Many women opt for longer necklaces in the winter as bulky clothing may require the extra length. Take her neck size into account. A 24 inch necklace on a petite woman may hang down too far just as the same necklace may be ideal for a larger woman. Commonly the shorter the necklace, the more important the size. Necklaces that are too short may not fit at all.

Other factors to consider are: will there be a pendent and how often the chain will be used.

If the chain will be used with a pendent then the size of the pendent should be taken in to consideration while choosing the chain. You want a chain which is appropriate for the pendent size and weight. This will ensure the chain will not break due to the weight of the pendent.

The use of the chain is equally important. If the use of the chain will be continuous then your primary concern should be strength and then the aesthetics of the chain. Here are some recommendations of chains for pendants which are known for strength: Franco, Box, Cable chain, Rope chain and wheat chain are some of the most popular chains.

Choose the Right Length Chain For a Man

Most chain lengths chosen for men typically fall at the collar bone or an inch below, which is usually around 20 or 22 inches in length. If the necklace includes a medallion, cross, or dog tag, a slightly longer length is suggested. Multiple chains of varying lengths may be worn for a layered look.

If you are unsure about neck size and whether or not a particular necklace or chain is right for you, please contact a sales by calling 888-472-7723  We would be happy to help you select a suitable style of chain that meets your specific requirements.

Standard Necklace Sizes for Women
16" - Choker length
18" - at collarbone
20" - A inches below collarbone
22" - At or above neckline
24" - Below the neckline
30" - Mid Chest
Standard Necklace Sizes for Men
18" - Base of the neck (*for smaller neck sizes)
20" - to collarbone (*most common length for average men)
22" - A few inches below the collarbone
24" - Just above the sternum
30" - Just above the chest