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Friendship Bracelets

Traditionally friendship bracelets are hand woven and tied on the wrist. But many people now give bracelets of many different shapes and forms to denote friendship, and dress them up with gold or sterling silver pendants.

      Friendship bracelets became popular in the 1970s in the United States, but are loved the world over. But they aren’t always used to denote the start of a friendship.

      Many people do use them to show their feelings of affection for a friend. But some also use them as way to patch up a friendship after a spat. In some countries, they are used to express a never-ending relationship.

      And, of course, some people like to have multiple bracelets to show they have lots of friends.

      It doesn’t take much to dress up a friendship bracelet. A simple sterling silver heart or other charm looks great. For a religious friend, a gold cross or other appropriate symbol would be nice. For that really special friend, a diamond “circle of love” would make a strong statement.

      However you would like to dress up a friendship bracelet to give another, or one that was given to you; Sarraf Jewelry has a wide assortment of pendants with diamonds, or gold or silver pendants.