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Chain Styles

Figaro Chain
Figaro is a popular gold or silver link chain design that incorporates a pattern of 2 or 3 small circular links with 1 elongated oval link. The most notable figaro chains are manufactured in Italy. They are usually worn by men and are often adorned with pendants such as crosses and medallions. These chains were very popular in the mid to late 1990s and early 2000s.

The name of the chain was widely used by Italian chainmakers inspired by the operas The Barber of Seville (by Gioachino Rossini) and The Marriage of Figaro (by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). These operas were based on the plays The Barber of Seville (play) and The Marriage of Figaro (play) by Pierre Beaumarchais.

a curb chain is when the links interlock with each other when laid flat. Some more open-link curb chains can only be distinguished from a trace by this method. This style of chain has the greatest variety of widths available, from a few millimetres to over two centimetres.

a very tight-linked chain that has a round or square cross-section and has links that create a slight zigzag look. I has a very silky feel perfect for pendents but reqires extra care.

an intricate chain that can be made by the hobbyist from jump rings. Too complex to easily describe

formed of very long, thin teardrop-shape links that all point in the same direction. The join of each link is like a tiny hinge, meaning this style is not as flexible or liquid-like as some others

Copies the style of the chain that holds large anchors on ships, an oval link with a dividing bar through the middle. The interlinking sections may be of a curb or trace style. Also a version called Maritime where only every other link is an anchor link.

Creates the effect of two twisting strands spiralled together, created by many small links which are not completely joined. One disadvantage of this otherwise strong chain is that, when one link does break, the rest of the chain might follow in succession.

May also be called twisted curb, but the links are joined in such a way that, even when the chain is untwisted, there is always a natural curve to it. Usually this chain is sold very fine and has a liquid-like look to it.

The chain that has the greatest liquid effect, formed from v-shaped links to lay entirely flat. One side can be engraved for greater aesthetics, and thin strands of herringbone can be twisted or even plaited together.

Formed of small balls of metal joined by small lengths of wire, not longer than each bead in between. Also has its own 'snap over the first link' fastening. Larger steel versions are more often used to hold milatary ID tags

Franco link design is based on the Curb pattern used by Italian manufacturers. Place two to four Curb necklaces flat against each other and interweave the “V” shaped links and you will create a Franco link chain. As a result of this construction, a strong and durable Franco necklace chain is created. The sturdy nature of Franco link chains make them the perfect fit for pendants, particularly the heavier types often found with bling jewelry. A Franco chain is a staple to the wide array of uniquely styled pendants available in hip hop jewelry. The detailed look of these chains suggests a higher level of craftsmanship and sophistication. Franco necklaces are often worn alone without any adornments as their versatile design works well with a more understated look. They look great tucked into a shirt or sweater only visible around the neck creating a stylish contrast with clothing, accessories or alternative metal jewelry such as tungsten, titanium and steel.

Panther Necklace
Are made of small oval pics attached together creating an elegant necklace. they come in various different with, depending how many pics are attached side by side

Omega Necklace
An omega chain or omega necklace is a pseudo-chain made by assembling metallic plates on a wire or woven mesh. The plates give the appearance of links in a chain. The embedded wire provides the strength, so the plates can be designed to please the eye