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Palladium is a New Emerging Precious Metal for Jewelry Making

Posted on 13th Jun 2012 @ 3:49 PM

Palladium, dubbed “the metal of the 21st century”, is not a new metal, but its value for jewelry design is considered innovative.
A silvery grey to white chemical element that is categorized as a platinum-type metal, palladium has properties that are similar to other metals in this group and is exceptionally strong. But the metal is not as dense as platinum, and therefore not as heavy. Yet it will support large gemstones and diamonds in rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Like platinum, palladium is white in color and can be used to make jewelry without the addition of alloys. That said, it is sometimes alloyed with gold or silver, for cost,weight-reductionand other reasons. It is also used as a base metal for electroplating.
Until relatively recently palladium cost a lot more than platinum – which is, of course more expensive than good quality gold. Now it costs a lot less than platinum and gold, making it THE new emerging metal for jewelry making.

First discovered more than two centuries ago, palladium in mined in various parts of the world including North and South America, Canada, Australia and in Africa. But mining opportunities are not generally widespread. In the USA for instance, palladium is only mined in Montana (by the partially Russian-owned Stillwater Mining Company), even though this company is considered to be the largest primary producer of metals in the platinum group outside South Africa.

While palladium is most popular for wedding rings, it is being used more widely to make engagement and “dress” rings. In fact many jewelry manufacturers now offer similar jewelry designs in white gold, platinum or palladium.

One thing’s for sure, palladium jewelry is fast becoming a luxury metal of choice for both jewelry designers and discerning consumers. To see our line of Palladium wedding bands click here