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Gold Jewelry for Men

Posted on 29th May 2012 @ 1:03 PM

If you’re thinking that gold jewelry belongs only in the female domain, think again. Some of the most exciting gold jewelry designs are created specifically for men; and even more conservative men are wearing it.

The most popular men's gold jewelry items include:

  • ·         rings
  • ·         watches
  • ·         chains
  • ·         bracelets
  • ·         gold chains worn with or withoutmasculine pendants
  • ·         cufflinks
  • ·         tie tacks and tie bars

Above all, the selection of contemporary,elegant men’s rings is astounding. Even wedding bands now come in a vast range of types and styles, with his and hers diamond-studded designs up there with the favorites. These are available as two-piece sets – with two wedding bands – or three-piece sets that include matching engagement rings as well as the bands.

Zodiac rings, with or without the addition of a birthstone, are also very popular, as are gold men’s rings set with blue opal, deep dark-black onyx. Signet rings are making a comeback.

Gold jewelry used to keep ties neatly in place range from simple round, circular, oval, square and even hexagonal tacks, to decorative gold bars, some of which are cleverly shaped like neckties. As men dress to impress, these have become ideal gift items for the male sex.

There was a time when no self-respecting well-dressed man would go out without cuff links connecting his shirt-sleeves. Like tie bars and tacks, gold cufflinks are now available in a range of shapes, or you could opt for cuff links studded with some type of precious or semi-precious stones. Relatively small, but remarkably smart and stylish diamond cuff links add a bit of sparkle to formal dress. For a modern, monochromatic theme, you might want to choose diamonds set in white gold.

If you’re looking for an even more practical gold gift for your special man, you could add a classy gold key chain or gold money clips to your list of jewelry-related ideas.

There is a surprisingly wide range of money clips to choose from, including gold dollar-sign designs to those that resemble traditional paper clips, and others that look like sophisticated gold washlng-line pegs.

If you want to splurge, consider a sophisticated 14-karat money clip inset with a 22-karat one or two ounce American Eagle. Now that’s love for you!