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Gold Jewelry Trends for Summer 2012

Posted on 1st May 2012 @ 1:54 PM

bead-necklace.jpgFashion gurus are predicting that there will be a clear “gold” trend in fashion this summer. The look, they say, will be distinctly Egyptian, but with a Seventies twist. While this applies to fashion in general, it puts gold jewelry in general, fairly and squarely in a class of its own. If it’s gold, you can’t go wrong!

The pundits are also forecasting that red and bright yellow are going to be hot clothes colors this summer. While many colors are “acceptable”, they say that orange and grey are definitely out, and pastel mixes are set to stay, either on their own on contrasted with one or more of the brights.

All these colors provide a prefect backdrop for gold jewelry, whatever style you prefer.

Those in the know are saying that the “overstated baroque” look will be big, with beautiful bling maintaining its presence in a classy retro type of way. If you aim for a bit of the Twenties, Great Gatsby style, you’ll hit the look on the head, particularly when you’re in party mode. Long, flashy gold earrings and chunky necklaces fit the bill, as do large, bold rings that add that color flash.

There are also predictions that stars – in all forms – are set to make a comeback, which is something to remember when you’re shopping for trendy gold jewelry that will suit your summer mood.

While 2011 featured distinctly metallic threads – steely cold and often silvery – the gold trend is set to be warmer and distinctly uplifting. Gold jewelry that has been highlighted in the magazine media recently ranges from contemporary classics to extravagantly exotic pieces. Gold colors are often mixed in single pieces, and bold gemstones add to the color trend that is distinctly 2012.