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Gold Jewelry Gifts that has Great Significance

Posted on 12th Apr 2012 @ 11:25 AM

Nobody can go wrong buying gold jewelry as a gift. There’s no argument here. But why not take the idea one step further and buy a gold jewelry gift that means something, and conveys a precious message?

Combined with gemstones or even semi-precious stones, an item of gold jewelry can send a very special message to a loved one or special friend. But you need to know what hidden meanings may be perceived to be conveyed by stones that are set into rings and pendants, or used to add a beautifully decorative touch to gold bracelets and necklaces.

Here are some ideas.

  • Rich, deep rich red garnets symbolize passion, love and loyalty. Because of its color, this stone is also believed to increase a person’s self esteem and make them more popular. Some say it will improve the chance of success in business.
  • Bright green emeralds signify love, and have done since the ancient Greeks decided to associate these amazing gemstones with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. It is also considered to be the sacred stone linked to Venus. Emeralds are ultimately considered to be a symbol of hope.
  • Transparent blue sapphires are indicative of a commitment of both fidelity and sincerity, which makes them a popular choice for engagement rings. Think Princess Diana!
  • Dark, bluish green jade signifies good luck and longevity, particularly in China where young couple traditionally exchange statues made from jade.
  • The milky yet translucent moonstone is considered as a symbol that will protect the health of women, and as such shows caring when given as a gift.
  • Found in a variety of colors, topaz is considered to be an amulet that will protect against any type of evil or harm. This makes it a good choice for anyone you love or for a good friend who is about to embark on some sort of journey.
  • Subtly green-blue in color, aquamarine is believed to help you get in tune with your spiritual self, and it is often used during meditation. As a gift it would be intended to give serenity and a peace to your loved one.