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Valentine's Day is for children too

Posted on 1st Feb 2012 @ 2:26 PM


Who can forget their excitement as a young child, anticipating the exchange of Valentine's Day cards with classmates at school? And later, when candy hearts with words we could not say were given to those we hoped would notice us?

Children learn that Valentine's Day is a day for saying "I like you." They also see their parents and other adults exchanging words of love.

Why not start a tradition of giving your child or teen a little gift of love on February 14th to show how special he or she is to you?

A small gold jewelry charm or a sterling silver chain and pendant in the shape of a heart will remind your child or teen that February 14th is the day for telling those close to you that you love them, and continue to remind them throughout the year. 

Valentine's Day has become a major children's holiday, and Sarraf Jewelry is your online jewelry store for appropriate gifts for any age.