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Wedding Bands and Other Circles of Love

Posted on 25th Jan 2012 @ 2:40 PM

wedding band

Wedding bands weren't always made of gold or platinum, or any precious metal.

The ancient Egyptians used a loop of rope to symbolize eternity because it had no beginning and no end. To them, this unending circle was synonymous with love, as the Egyptians saw love as everlasting. Because of this connection, it is believed that the Egyptians designed a symbolic circle that could be worn around the finger - a ring.

Early wedding rings were made by people twisting and braiding pieces of nature, such as leaves and vines, and wrapping them around their fingers like rings. These were worn on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that a vein in that particular finger traveled directly to the heart.

This legend was then passed onto the Greeks and the Romans, and so the circular wedding band, now meaning love and marriage in several cultures, lived on. Today, wedding bands made of white and/or yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and other alternative metals such as cobalt and titanium, are exchanged as symbols of undying love in wedding ceremonies around the world.

Diamond wedding bands are also popular, as are rings with a mix of diamonds and sapphires, or other precious gems, for both women and men.

Additionally, circular diamond pendants have become more popular as symbols of love, for anniversary gifts or a gift to express love or commitment on any level.
Rings, wedding bands and circle of love pendants are all perfect symbols for a lasting commitment to another person.

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