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Entering the Age of Aquarius

Posted on 18th Jan 2012 @ 11:37 AM


The astrological sign Aquarius begins Jan. 20. It is the 11th sign of the year and its symbol is the Water Bearer. Aquarius individuals are intelligent, progressive, innovative and independent. People born under this sign are free-thinking and unconventional.

Aquarians are also imaginative and intuitive, so the Age of Aquarius is anticipated in psychic circles as a time of great spiritual awakening. Aquarius is seen as serving humanity by pouring the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world.

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People born in Aquarius often have good taste in drama, music and art, and can be gifted in the arts, especially theater.

Once they decide that someone is worthy of their friendship or love, they are fiercely loyal and will become faithful friends or partners, willing to make many sacrifices for them.

Famous Aquarians include composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; poets Lord Byron and Henry W. Longfellow; writers Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, Lewis Carroll and Toni Morrison; inventor Thomas Edison; US presidents Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan; athletes Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Mark Spitz; Charles Darwin, Charles Lindbergh, Christian Dior, Oprah Winfrey, Yoko Ono, Marian Anderson, John Travolta and Burt Reynolds.

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