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Buying Gold Jewelry for Dad

Posted on 22nd Nov 2011 @ 3:22 PM

gold-jewelry.jpg     It’s late November and the thought suddenly hits you. I’ve got to buy a holiday gift for dad – again.

     Don’t panic. Sarraf Jewelry has some gold jewelry that will bring a smile to dad’s face. But before you get an image of your dad as Mr. T, we’re not talking about massive gold chains and rings. We have a nice selection of gold jewelry accessories that can give dear old dad some class.

Cufflinks – You don’t see too many men wearing French cuffs these days, but that’s a pity. When dad has the rare occasion to take mom out to a formal event, he would look spiffy with 14K gold cufflinks. Of course, you’d have to buy dad a shirt with French cuffs, too, but that would double the gift.

Key Chain – Is dad still using the ugly plastic key fob they gave him at the car dealership, with an advertisement for the dealer to boot? You can replace that plastic with a beautiful 14K gold key chain and mom will be a little less embarrassed when he hands his keys to the valet.

Money Clip – If dad still just wads his cash into his pocket, a 14K gold money clip may be just the thing he needs. Dad may not have Benjamins, but it will make George look good, too. Throw a few bucks in it and dad will think you’re starting to make something of yourself.

Tie Bars and Tacks – Two more items that have gone by the wayside in this all too casual world are tie bars and tie tacks. But if you add a 14K gold tie bar or tie tack to that tie you always give him, your dad will be one to help bring them back.

     One suggestion if you buy one of these great gifts for dad. While they are gold jewelry, you may just want to call them men’s accessories.

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