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Gemstones for Gold Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Posted on 21st Nov 2011 @ 9:48 AM

sterling-silver-jewelry.jpgDiamonds may make a girl sparkle, but colored gemstones will give her style.

     For gold jewelry and sterling silver jewelry, learning how to shop for gemstones can provide you with a panache that your friends and family will appreciate.

     Knowing the difference in a ruby and a garnet, and how to judge whether one stone is better than the other is a key to becoming a smart shopper for gold jewelry and sterling silver jewelry.

     The best place to start to learn about gemstones is the Gemological Institute of America ( The institute’s interactive website can make learning about gemstones interesting and fun. Just go to the section on the homepage “How to Buy a Gemstone” and click on learn more. The link will take you to the institute’s tutorial on buying gemstones.

     The seven steps are Gems & Color, Color & Value, Gems & Light, Gem Clarity, Inclusions & Value, Rarity & Carat Weight, and Cut & Beauty.

     By the end of the tutorial, you’ll already know a lot more about gems. Try it a couple of more times and you’ll be surprised how confident you’ll be shopping for gemstones in gold jewelry and sterling silver jewelry at

     Of course, another way to be sure you’re buying the best quality gems is to just talk to us. We’ll be happy to explain what we offer and everything about it. is a leading online jewelry retailer with a sterling reputation and years of experience. Shop with us today!