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October Birthstone: Opal with Gold Jewelry

Posted on 17th Oct 2011 @ 10:14 AM

     opalring.jpgWhether it’s a child as beautiful as love or a flash of fiery lightning, October’s birthstone has been treasured for centuries.

     Opals were treasured by ancient monarchs for their beauty and alleged protection. Royalty wore them in crowns and necklaces to protect eyesight and prevent evil. They also were ground up and eaten for their healing power and to prevent nightmares.

     Scientifically Opals are a non-crystallized silica, a mineral found near the earth’s surface where hot springs existed. When the springs dried up, layers of silica (mixed with water) deposited into the crevices of the bedrock, forming Opal. It’s a delicate gemstone, containing up to 30 percent water. You have to protect it from heat or chemicals, and don’t drop it or bang into something with it, because it will break easily.

     South Australia is the main source of Opal while it also is found in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Mexico and Nevada. Good opal can be costly because it is so delicate, so insurance isn’t a bad idea if you get an extremely expensive jewelry piece.

     But combined with gold jewelry, the Opal makes a beautiful piece of jewelry and we have several items that would make great gifts for your loved one with an October birthday. A gift of Opal means you have faith and confidence in the person to whom you are giving it.

     At Sarraf Jewelry, you can find many items with opal in yellow or white gold jewelry. You can trust us to offer quality jewelry at a great price and with great service.