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Most Popular Engagement Ring

Posted on 22nd Sep 2011 @ 11:07 AM


     Good news, guys. The most popular engagement ring remains the traditional diamond solitaire, so you won’t have to think of a million different things while you are trying to pick out an engagement ring.

     Women seem to like the traditional look of a single diamond on a gold band. Solitaire engagement ring. also seem to jump out of the box as you are down on one knee.

     As for cut, you may have to learn some stuff, because different cuts may mean something to her. While the traditional round cut is always easy to remember, your girl may want something different like an oval cut. Here are the different cuts of diamonds that are the most popular this year, according to

  • Princess cut: A square or rectangular shape that looks like an inverted pyramid from the side.
  • Round cut: Just as it says, it is round, but sometimes called brilliant. From the side it looks like a cone.
  • Oval cut: Also called a brilliant cut, but obviously in the shape of an oval.
  • Emerald cut: Rectangular cut with cropped corners and steps to the center dome.
  • Marquise cut: A narrow oval cut with tapered ends.
  • Pear cut: Just like a pear, pointed on one end and round on the other.

     For more information about popular engagement rings and diamond cuts, talk to us at Sarraf Jewelry.